48 Hoorass Dia

We guarantee adequate attention to the needs of our clients by making use of new technologies, and a worldwide network of suppliers, through the Assistance service.

Nuestros servicios:

  • Tests Covid – 19
  • Visit Home Health
  • Dental Assistance
  • Ambulance Assistance
  • Assistance Physiotherapy
  • Nurse in case of an accident and medical disability
  • Protected Area
  • Travel assistance National and International
  • Assistance Of Christian Burial
  • Home Assistance
  • Vehicle Assistance
  • Pet Assistance
  • Guardian for disability
  • Submission of forgotten homework (college – University)
  • Transportation to school in case of emergency
  • Substitute Man
  • Chef for events at home (domicile)
  • Watchmen by event at home
  • Face-to-face technological advice
  • Chosen driver