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Our Telecare process in Occupational Medicine

Médico Laboral:

Capacity for loss of work and occupational capacity.

Occupational medical recommendations.

Certification of disability.

Business advice in cases of long-term disability.

Qualification of the accident or illness as of common origin.

Rehabilitation concepts for procedures before the pension fund.

Qualification of the illness or accident as a work origin.

Promotion and Prevention:

  • ARL affiliate call generation.
  • PYP program data record.
  • Follow-up of ATEL cases – Assignment of rehabilitation appointment.
  • Generation of possible alerts according to ARL or Occupational Medicine.
  • Sending information about the program.
  • Telephone guidance if necessary.
  • Attention of cases according to protocols.
  • Alert the user company.
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The entrance, and periodic occupational examination

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Psychosocial work

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Health Service

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Occupational health and safety service